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Almonds and Apple Juice for Good Brain Function

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You may be familiar with the frustration you feel when you come across someone you know but just can't remember their name. Even though your brain is the most powerful computer on the planet, sometimes it freezes up too.

Which is normal, considering we overload it with way too much unnecessary information. The brain has need of rejuvenation and additional stimuli in order to function well.

Eat right, include almonds in your diet regularly. They improve memory. Add a few drops of almond oil to the cup of milk you drink every morning or at night before bed and you will notice your memory improve.

You can prepare almond milk by removing the shells from the almonds, crushing them finely or grinding them and pouring sweetened water over them.

Be sure to regularly drink apple juice. It increases acetylcholine production, which is crucial for the processes of transmitting nervous excitement. As a result, memory is improved.

Sleep well. During sleep, your brain analyzes the events of the day. This augments long-term memory and the subconscious is programmed to memorize images with the corresponding information.

Learn to enjoy the little things - play with the kids, listen to your favorite music, show kindness to a stranger.

Apple juice

Cleanse your body at least once a month by starving yourself with the purpose of healing. In this way you will purge toxins from your body that are harmful to your digestive process and that worsen brain function.

By using hunger, you will decrease your negative emotions, such as fear, anxiety and sadness, which, if they accumulate too much, can cause diseases.

Learn a new language in order to stimulate brain activity. You can also try yoga and meditation.

Decrease the consumption of sugar. It only provides the illusion of energy, after which you crash. Neurasthenia is often the result of the excessive intake of sugar. This can also lead to claustrophobia, memory loss and nervous system disorders.

Limit your intake of white bread and the products that have a high starch content. They wreck the nervous system and are often one of the causes of depression. Focus on eating fresh vegetables and drink lots of water. Take vitamin B.