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Tips for Working with Puff Pastry

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Puff pastry

Puff pastry is easy for handling because it does not require complex kneading and rolling out (unless you make it yourself of course) and creates light and airy goodies. It is light, crispy and has numerous applications in the kitchen. It can be used in the preparation of anything - salty food, pizza, scones, pastries, pies, cakes, etc.

When working with puff pastry however, we must follow certain rules. Especially if we're going for some truly jaw-dropping results. Here are some helpful tips:

- When buying puff pastry, choose frozen, stored outside the freezer, unthawed and with the package intact. This way you can be sure that it has been stored correctly.

- The puff pastry must be thawed only before use. Thawing is done by leaving it at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

- When cutting puff pastry, use a very sharp knife. A dull blade would crush the layers of the pastry. A wheel-type pizza cutter is the most handy.

Puff pastry bites

- Do not mash, knead, roll out or pull a puff pastry with your hands. If you do this, you will ruin it. However, certain types of pastries do require that you roll out the puff pastry with the goal of getting a thin layer, which does not rise during baking.

- Before rolling it out, flour a kitchen counter so it does not stick to it.

- Anything made from a puff pastry is baked in a preheated 390°F (200 °С) oven. Do not change the temperature at all during baking.

- Even before you place the tray in the heated oven, make sure that the temperature has reached the aforementioned 390°F (200 °С). If it is less, you run the risk of the puff pastry not rising.

- If using fillings in a particular dish, try to have them be as least runny as possible, in order not to end up doughy and not run. In order not to run during baking, moisten the area where they will be stuck together with water beforehand and press with your hand.

- Do not grease the tray, or if absolutely necessary, only use minimal amounts. It is a good idea to cover it with baking paper. This way, the pastries will not stick or become oily.

- To make the crusts beautiful, appetizing and with golden colors, smear your culinary masterpieces with a whisked egg.