The Soufflé is the Most Problematic Dessert of All
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The Soufflé is the Most Problematic Dessert of All

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The soufflé is one of the those refined French desserts that make all your taste buds tremble with pleasure! Soufflés were once eaten by kings and courtiers but today they can become a part of any dining table.

It's not clear when exactly this delicious, airy and light dish was invented but what is known for sure is that it 1st appeared in the aristocratic French kitchens. Its name translates into airy. A soufflé can be salty or sweet, with or without sauce, with or without a filling, it can be served on its own or as a garnish to another dish.

All types of soufflés are unified by their fickle culinary nature - this dish is considered one of the most unpredictable during its preparation. During baking it quickly inflates but when taken out of the oven, after about 20 min., the dessert that until that moment looked absolutely perfect all of a sudden deflates. What is the reason?

The principle behind the preparation of all types soufflés is the separation of the egg whites from the egg yolks. The yolks need to be mixed with all of the other ingredients, while the whites need to be beaten to a stiff snow and then carefully mixed with the yolk mixture. The entire process ends with baking in the oven.

The secret behind the correct preparation of a soufflé is in fact the beating of the egg whites into hard snow and then mixing them with the yolk mixture (they have to remain airy).


Master chefs advise to never open the oven while the soufflé is baking, and one other clever trick: if you use a form with vertical walls, the soufflé will rise and keep itself upright.