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Red pepper is one of the most loved and used spices in cuisine from all over the world. In some countries, there are almost no traditional meals or dishes, which do not add red pepper. The taste, which this spice has, is so sweet and it’s hue is ideal for flavoring vegetable dishes, chicken, pork and beef, even fish.

Red pepper can be used for cooking beans, lentils, even eggs become extremely rewarding.

Red pepper is divided into two types. They are sweet red peppers and cayenne pepper. Both are found in powder or small scales, which are obtained by milling or grinding dried red peppers. The sweet pepper is obtained from sweet red peppers and gives the dish a slightly sweet taste.

Usually, red peppers color dishes in their traditional orange to brick color. Quite often, it is used for sprinkling a variety of products and salads. In many of them, the flavor is not completely released and the impact is more aesthetically pleasing than flavor.

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The flavor of a red pepper is completely released during thermal processing. You must however be careful, be brief and mild, because high temperature tends to overcook the spice and its taste is bitter.

The history of the spice is not known in detail, but the sweet red pepper entered into service first. In Europe, red pepper does not come from the Orient, but from the direction of Portugal. To the land of oranges and fine wine, red peppers arrived during the 16th century when the Portuguese caravels brought spices back from Mexico. Its taste qualities were so highly rated that the red pepper spice was very expensive, reaching the price of pepper.

Further history of powdered red pepper comes with a marked peak penetration in Hungary. This was sometime in the 19th century, when the country used red pepper in cooking so much, it began to be considered it’s second home. As a major part of Hungarian cuisine, without it, well known dishes, including Hungarian goulash could not be made.

The hot red pepper comes from the Capsicum family, which are known as spicy peppers. The botanical name of the plant is Capsicum annuum. The hot peppers, called cayenne pepper are made from ripe spicy peppers and is used to give a bite to dishes, sauces, and some mixed spices.

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Red Pepper Benefits

The benefits to the human body from red pepper are not just one or two. Cayenne pepper is an excellent source of vitamin A. It is also a good source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese and dietary fiber. Hot red pepper increases metabolic processes and accelerates the expulsion of mucus. Pepper has the ability to provide additional heat in the body, improve blood circulation and allow it to reach more distant areas of the body, for which the effective clearance of mucus is equally important.

This pepper has proven benefits in preventing cancer, heart attacks and ulcers and other gastrointestinal diseases.

Ulcer disease, which is caused by bacteria, is well influenced by cayenne pepper. Increasing the acid environment of the stomach is the cause of the deterioration of the ulcer. In this case, the South American herb is used as medicine. Hot red peppers stop developing ulcers by killing bacteria, as they do stimulate the cells in the lining of the stomach juices to offer protection. It is these juices that ulcers respond to well.

Chili pepper has a healing effect on the whole gastrointestinal tract. Not only stomach ulcers, but also those of the duodenum are treated with Capsicum. It is a powerful painkiller and may even help to restore the tissues of the stomach and the blood moving at a faster pace to the region of tissue. Red pepper promotes faster absorption of food consumed with it.


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