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Phosphorus is a mineral and an essential nutrient for the growth and development of bones and soft tissues. It is stored mainly in your bones and is vital for energy production and the structure of your DNA . New studies suggest that foods containing phosphorus plays a major role in the development of bone mass and consists of half the weight of the bones. In essence, phosphorus is an important chemical element that is a component of nucleic acids and is involved in the metabolism. Phosphorus has an important influence on the heart.

The amount of phosphorus, which the body requires is 1200 mg (1.2 g). The human body contains an average of 1.5 kg. of element number 15. Of that number, nearly 1.4 kg is in the bones, and about 12 grams in the brain and nerves.

The word "phosphorus" means bearer of light. In 1669, the German alchemist Brandt, while seeking the "philosopher's stone" that turns base metals into gold, was experimenting with heat retention. Evaporation left black sludge behind, which he continued to warm. On the inner walls of the retort was adjourned a white substance similar to wax that shined and Brand was convinced that he had made a "Philosopher's Stone".

For better or worse, though, that was the chemical element phosphorus. In 1860, phosphorus was found again by the English physicist Robert Boyle. In 1743, he published official data on new substances and then it took a place under the number 15 in the periodic table. Long after the discovery of phosphorus, did scientists learn what application it had in life. Only 200 years later, did it become clear how valuable the element phosphorus is to nature and life.

Today phosphorus is produced in electric furnaces from natural minerals apatite and phosphate. This yields white phosphorus, which is a very dangerous and highly poisonous substance. It is soft and can easily be cut with a knife. Air oxidizes it easily and spontaneously, so keep it in water.

Benefits of phosphorus

Proper use of phosphorus helps to rebuild broken bones, to recover the marrow still in the limbs. Phosphorus is used to treat symptoms of alcohol dependence. There is also the fact that phosphorus reduces fatigue in insulin-dependent diabetics, and reduces the development of kidney stones.

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Deficiency of phosphorus

Symptoms that have a deficiency of phosphorus include low bone density, kidney stones, weakness, fatigue, twitching and spasms on your muscles, especially on your face, arms and legs. The best forms of supplements are calcium phosphate and monosodium phosphate. A high intake of alcohol can reduce your levels of phosphorus. Phosphorus and calcium are closely linked together and can be found in the blood of humans. To maintain the proper chemical balance, one needs twice as much calcium as phosphorus.

Deficiency and excess of either substance can lead to overuse or "clutter" on the other. For instance, when phosphorus intakes are, your high calcium level drops. Without phosphorus, assimilation of niacin is impossible. This mineral also stimulates the heart and is essential for the functioning of the kidneys and the transmission of nerve impulses. Phosphorus deficiency is extremely rare, but it is possible for vegetarians who also avoid dairy products . The element is contained in almost all foods in different quantities and generally does not cause intoxication.

Overdose with phosphorus

The upper limit for phosphorus absorbed person is 1500 mg per day. Large doses of phosphorus can reduce calcium levels in the body. Although phosphorus is important for stimulation of muscle contractions and absorption of proteins, carbohydrates and fat, increased intake does not lead to demonstrable externalities. However, do be careful as this element participates in many vital body functions and is found in every body cell.

The most important role it has is in cell mitosis(cell division). Without it, the cell would not be separated, and so there will be no increase in muscle mass and damaged tissues would not be restored. Healthy teeth and the production of adenosine triphosphate also require sufficient phosphorus.

Consumption of white sugar violates thecalcium-phosphorus balance. Prolonged use of antacids can also lead to a decrease in phosphorus levels in the body. Cola type soft drinks contain a lot of phosphoric acid and excessive use can reduce the levels of calcium.

Application of phosphorus sources

Phosphorus is used in more than one hundred branches of the economy. It is found in greatest amounts in foods: fish, meat, milk, cheese and bread. Rich source of phosphorus to the human body are beans, peas, nuts, carrots, strawberry crops.

Phosphorus compounds are used in ceramics and textiles, as well as in the production of various food products. Recently, the chemistry of phosphorus organic compounds is being used in pest of field crops rapidly developing.


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