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Which food slows down aging?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova

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which food slows down aging

Nutritionist and doctor of medical sciences Mikhail Ginzburg pointed out a product, which can slow down the aging process of the skin. These are bean sprouts. Bean sprouts have become very popular and sought after by people who prefer leading a healthy lifestyle.

Sprouts can be used as an independent dish and on the other hand, are extremely rich in minerals and vitamins. Bean sprouts slow down aging. They contain 15 amino acids and minerals such as: magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, copper, manganese and potassium, as well as many vitamins.

The specialist points out, that sprouted beans contain vegetable protein.

And this organic substance is suitable for people in the age group of 40 and older, because the plant protein slows down the aging process, says Ginsburg.

The nutritionist also specifies, that children and young people should consume more animal proteins than vegetable proteins. Animal proteins are usually found in meat, fish, eggs and a number of other foods.

Animal protein is very suitable for the younger generation, he emphasizes.

Widely regarded as an essential, somewhat magical ingredient, bean sprouts have slightly more nutrients, than other fresh vegetables, but they have a distinctive flavor and unusual texture. They are often used by takeaway restaurants.

It is preferable to eat bean sprouts raw if they are labeled as "ready to eat". All other sprouts should be boiled well. Vulnerable people are advised to steam all sprouts before eating.

You should also make sure to follow the manufacturer's storage instructions. If not available, refrigerate bean sprouts at 5°C or lower and consume them within two days. Do not eat sprouts, which have expired and avoid using sprouts, which have turned brown or have discolored.

How to cook bean sprouts?

bean sprouts

Bean sprouts are among the rejuvenating foods. They can be added to the final stages of any fried dish. However, it is best to lightly cook them separately first.

It is also best to cook the bean sprouts in advance if you are using them as an addition to a cold dish or salad.

Store them closed in a suitable container and refrigerated. It is best to consume the anti-age bean sprouts immediately after purchasing them.

Choose the best quality bean sprouts. They can be purchased from a store or you can grow bean sprouts yourself. In any case, they should smell fresh and be firm to the touch. Avoid any, that are browned, crunchy, have a sour smell, or are otherwise fishy.

With them you can prepare:

- salad with sprouts;

- sandwiches with sprouts;

- starters with sprouts etc.